Carol Alexander and Charlotte Pugh

Carol- 205-275-2780 Charlotte- 205-275-5559

White Pepper Real Estate

504 Airport Rd S Jasper, AL 35501

Charlotte & Carol have been in the Real Estate business for a total of 55 years combined. In those years we have learned a lot about the business and people. We've been asked many times to write a manual for the business of real estate, but you just can't detail some of the issues you will face with each transaction. Each one is different and you adapt to be sure to meet your individual Client/Customer needs while always being honest and ethical. We feel so Blessed having had the opportunity to meet and serve so many people in making one of the biggest decisions of their lives, Buying or Selling property. We take our business seriously while at the same time having fun and expanding our Friend/Family base.

We are best friends and have been business partners since 2002. We love our community, people and the Real Estate business.

When someone asks us to describe the other, many thoughts come to mind. Carol says that Charlotte can make a cloudy day sunny and Charlotte says that Carol can do anything and has the awesome gift of love for people and exhibits it each and every day.

When you are thinking about Buying or Selling property, or just want to talk, give us a call. We are Full Time REALTORS and ready to work with and for you!

Carol Alexander - 205.275.2780

Charlotte Pugh - 205.275.5559